Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Ada at the Steamworks

If you have been following along here and there, you know one of my favorite things is transformations. I love seeing what other artists create and transform – making something new and unique from something that is familiar or making something from ordinary materials. With that in mind, I present my most recent commission piece from the most basic of beginnings to the final manifestation.

This is Ada at the Steamworks.

I began with the concept of using French-style doors on the front.  The original box these were attached to wasn’t the right depth.  So, Jay went into the garage and created one that met my requirements.  It was a perfect fit.

I began by choosing elements for the front.  The theme: Steampunk

Here’s the basic layout while also trying a new technique for an exterior texture.

I loved these little flourishes so I added some gears to them  in strategic places.

More details added, more gears, cogs and googly eyes.  What?!

This is what I decided on for the final layout.

Next it was onto the rest of the outside of the box – covered in cardstock pieces.

A first coat of paint.

You can see the texture beginning to show.

The second layer of paint – on the right side.

Here’s a different perspective.

This is where I went after the second layer.

A close-up detail of one of those flourishes and a couple of the googly eyes.

And a close-up of the center latch.

After much dithering about colors and placement, I decided I was finished with the outside paint.

On to the inside details.  I began by making this box for a stand.

Treating it the same as I did the front with cardstock

and googly eyes.

The first paint layer and

the finished piece.

Another element was this chipboard frame.  It is similar in style to the flourishes on the front.

I added many gears

and again painted it.  I missed taking a photo of the final paint job but you will see it at the end.

I had such fun making the pipe works on my first steampunk piece, I decided to include some this time as well.

A coat of copper paint and

the patina.

Here you see the beginnings of the interior with the pipes in place. I held my breath most of the time when gluing them in place.  I also learned it helps to crook your mouth in a certain way.

The finished piece from the front.


The interior.


A close-up of the interior.


And Ada – close-up.  The lace is from my great-aunt many, many moons ago.

There you have it.  Ada at the Steamworks.  It was a delightful project.  Just one of many lined up for this year.  So stay tuned.  You never know what will come down the pipe.

Thanks so much for reading!


Monday, December 5, 2016

I Heart N Y– a bears&boxes piece

I am excited to share my latest bears&boxes piece. This one was a special request and I absolutely loved working on it. Let me be frank. At first I wasn’t exactly sure which direction I was going to go with it. After all, New York City is limitless when it comes to subject matter. What helped me the most was knowing it was meant to be from a New York tourist/visitor viewpoint. What follows are the photos I took of the piece in progress from beginning to end.

This is the box surface preparation.  Initially, it was an unfinished wooden box.

Then with my husband’s invaluable assistance, we cut a silhouette of the New York city skyline from chipboard – twice….

I applied them to the front and back of the box for texture.

Then I moved onto the other element I wanted to add to the front – a vintage style postcard in three dimensions.

I painted the piece in several stages.  This blue color is the main one.

Here’s a view of my work table on our porch.  I love working there.  Here you see various parts and pieces underway.

This is a close-up of the textured skyline as you can see by the shadow it casts.

Details are important to me and so I painted the interior of the letters black so they would stand out more and provide a contrast and frame for the images that will fill the letter interiors.

Some more very large letters which will go inside the box.

A glimpse of the postcard mostly complete and the letters finished.

These little pictures took quite a bit of time – not only choosing them, sizing them and editing them, but finishing them and deciding what order I would hang them.

One of the things I love to do on boxes that have a big enough edge is to add text using the transfer process.  Do you recognize what the words are from?

I took this photo of the placement of these acrylic rectangles so I would be able to have a reference when I was ready to adhere them.

These photos will go underneath the rectangles above.

This tiny little cheesecake box was fun to make.

Here are the photos of the final piece.





Left side


Right side


Entire box opened


Details in the corner  including a real NYC subway token and a playbill.


These photos are three dimensional although it might be a bit difficult to tell here.  I printed the background on a matte surface paper and the foreground that was cut out silhouette style was printed on glossy paper.


One of the most fun things to make was this tiny little suitcase.  I began with an unfinished chipboard suitcase shape which I covered with paper an added the details.  And this little bear does have some things inside it – mementos if you will.


New York’s ubiquitous street signs – some famous ones.


And the little bear himself with his I heart NY t-shirt.


Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you enjoyed seeing how this piece came together!


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